In the development of new, state-of-the-art machinery, precision testing is required to deliver reliable results. It is necessary to determine possible weaknesses and potential problems at an early stage of the design to gain efficiencies in the long term. Technology at the highest level is essential in this context.

Whether pneumatic or hydraulic control systems, filter, pump and level monitoring or safety applications, the requirements for the measuring sensors vary from one task to another. However, the demands on the quality of the measurement results should never be compromised. This is why solutions are needed that have been specifically developed for the particular application or can be flexibly adapted to new challenges based on modular design.


STS has been successfully working in the development and production of customer-specific pressure measuring systems for three decades. As a specialist for the fulfillment of individual customer requirements, our piezoresistive sensors are used in automotive test stands, prototypes, test equipment for high-performance machines as well as in the medical field.

Flexible measurement solutions at high quality

For us to offer you the absolute best results for your specific measurement tasks, we work very close with you the customer, our partners and suppliers including visits to you and at the application.


Initially it is important before the design of the prototype that you provide us with the measurement requirements. We will get back to you quickly with our initial ideas.

We offer you:

  • cost-effective custom-made products in the shortest possible time
  • close collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers
  • international contacts
  • technological, innovative solutions
  • professional lifecycle management





Of course there may be situations which are not covered by our standard design. However, STS generally has the ability to modify and develop solutions for all situations.


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